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Trenchless plumbing usually involves main sewer line repair and often times referred to as a no-dig solution to sewer line repair. While this is a slight misnomer (there usually is some digging involved to start the process), it does require significant less digging than tradition sewer line repairs.

Imagine that you just found out that you have need to have your main sewer lines replaced. You’re already frustrated from the constant toilet clogs or the backed-up drain in your basement. If you’re lucky, you haven’t experienced any major interior damage.

But then you remember a friend, relative, or co-worker’s story about the broken sewer line they had to have replaced. The story probably involved mounds of dirt in the front yard that required major landscaping repair, or the broken-up slab in the basement that filled the house with dust and debris. Maybe they couldn’t park in their driveway until it was repaired after a broken sewer line was replaced.

Trenchless plumbing usually involves main sewer line repair, often referred to as a no-dig solution to sewer line repair. While this is a slight misnomer (there usually is some digging involved to start the process), it does require significantly less digging than tradition sewer line repairs. In addition to sewer line repairs, trenchless plumbing can also involve the installation of exterior water and gas lines.

Trenchless sewer repair starts with the inspection of the existing sewer pipes to exactly locate the problem.  Depending on a number of variables including severity of the damage, depth of the pipes, and location on your property, there are a variety of trenchless solutions.

  • Trenchless Pipe Bursting: This is more of a pipe replacing where a cone-shaped head is used to burst the existing pipe and expand the area around it. As the equipment clears out the existing pipe, it pulls the new pipe through it.
  • Trenchless Pipe Lining: This is more of a pipe repair that involves installing a liner containing a bladder through an access point. From there a two-part epoxy mix is inserted into the line. The bladder is then inflated to push the epoxy into the existing pipe walls. Once the epoxy cures, the bladder is removed, essentially leaving behind a new pipe within a pipe.

What does it cost? As with most any plumbing services that we provide, cost depends on a number of factors that need to be determined.  When compared with traditional methods, trenchless solutions are usually cheaper. You may have higher upfront costs with a trenchless repair, as the cost of the actual repair may be higher in some situations. But most of the time there are additional costs incurred with traditional trench-dug repairs. These costs include landscaping repairs as well as possible sidewalk, driveway, and patio repairs.  There is also the added cost benefit of a faster installation time, which limits the downtime of your sewer pipes. We get out the way more quickly so you can back to your life.

How long does it last? The life expectancy of the epoxy liner is 50 years or more, making it the most durable and eco-friendly repair solution.

What are the other benefits? Pipe lining helps prevent future root obstructions and possible leaks. It also increases flow capacity because the epoxy is smoother, and it does not allow calcification deposits to stick to it.

Is trenchless the right solution for me? The best way for us to answer that question is for you to contact us so we can provide you with a free evaluation.  While there may be a few instances where the only scenario is to trench and remove the pipes, trenchless replacement is the preferred solution.

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