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Repairing and Replacing Your Laundry Tub

While we might not notice a leaking laundry tub faucet as much as a leaking faucet in the bathroom or sink, it still has the same effect. Leaking faucets can waste multiple gallons a day which thousands of gallons a year. If your laundry tub faucet needs to be repaired, do your water bill and the environment a favor and contact McNabb Plumbing today.

Laundry Tub Repair

Any problems that occur with your laundry tub are old hat to us. Schedule an appointment, and we’ll take a look at your problem.

Laundry Tubs-the Swiss Army Knives of the Home

While laundry tubs are often taken for granted as part of the laundry room, they can serve multiple functions for multiple members of the family. Does dad like to work on his car in the garage? Does mom like to garden or do yard work? Do the kids like arts and crafts? Does your dog like to play in the mud?

The laundry tub is often the first place to clean up when coming in from outside. Because it’s usually located in a more remote part of the home, using the laundry tub helps keep the bathroom and kitchen sink clean. It’s also useful for soaking stained clothes, cleaning paint brushes, dumping dirty cleaning buckets, and many other household functions. Many laundry tubs also serve as a drain for the washing machine.

Why Would You Need to Replace Your Laundry Tub?

Many older houses in the Pittsburgh area still have an old concrete laundry tub.  These tubs often look old and dingy and can also form cracks that leak. Why not upgrade to a new laundry tub? Even if you have a newer laundry tub, you may have the space and need for a bigger laundry tub or new laundry tub faucets.  McNabb Plumbing will remove and replace your old laundry tub and/or laundry tub faucets, providing your laundry room with an instant upgrade.

Other Laundry Room Plumbing Issues

If your washing machine drains directly into your laundry tub, it can become clogged with debris such as lint discharged from the washing machine. If the washing machine discharges more water than your laundry tub can hold, then a drain clog can cause a laundry tub overflow.  One simple solution is to put a lint trap snare on the end of the hose that drains into the laundry tub. These mesh traps are a cheap and simple solution. Just replace them when they get full, and you will keep your drain free of debris.

Let McNabb Handle Your Laundry Tub Plumbing Problems

If your drain pipe becomes clogged, McNabb Plumbing offers the expertise to carefully inspect and solve any problems due to clogged drains. As with all of our services, we never sell you on what you don’t need. We only provide the services you need and promise to offer you the best value of any plumbers in Pittsburgh.

Schedule Your Appointment

McNabb Plumbing can also repair or replace washing machine shut-off valves, drain and supply pipes, and all of your laundry room plumbing needs. Whether your laundry room has been completely remodeled or you just want to upgrade, then McNabb is your premier Pittsburgh plumber.


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