If you’ve purchased an older home or a home that’s been sitting for some time, you may have some funky water coming out of your plumbing pipes that’s questionable at best, even for bathing. If so, there could be any number of things going on with your home’s plumbing system that’s causing the problem.

Today, a lot of us drink bottled water and don’t worry too much about the water quality that comes through our plumbing systems. We pretty much count on the fact that the municipality that serves our water needs has ensured that our supplied water is of at least a minimum quality that’s healthy for us to drink.

But what we don’t think about is the fact that the water may be just fine to drink up to the point where it enters our home’s plumbing pipes system and then can get contaminated or polluted as it travels through the pipes we own and are responsible for maintaining. It can seriously affect your health if your water is contaminated, so it’s important to call in a plumber as soon as possible who’s experienced and licensed.

Older homes simply have more problems with water quality because the pipes and joints and all the plumbing parts get old. Also, some homes built during certain periods have pipes that are susceptible to problems that can corrode or narrow the lines, making your water pressure low and water bad tasting. And then you could also have rust building up at joints, fittings, and valve locations.

  • Rust
  • Scale Buildup
  • Sediments
  • Corrosion
  • Leaks
  • Backflow

Another problem you may be having is backflow. Backflow is when the sewage wage gets backed up into your freshwater supply line. This can happen if the home isn’t fitted with a backwater valve to keep water flowing only one direction, out. Sewer line water can back up into your fresh water system via the locations in the home where the two systems may meet, such as your commode, sinks, dishwasher lines, etc.

Backflow prevention can be important during a clog or a flood situation because once the sewer water gets into your freshwater line, all the bacteria and wastewater contaminates your entire fresh water system.

So you see, there could be any number of things going on with your plumbing system to make the water taste bad. And there are ways to treat each problem to make it better.

  • Repiping (pipe replacement)
  • Joint, Fittings, & Valve Replacements
  • Pipe Cleaning
  • Water Heater Tank Flush Outs
  • Water Jetting
  • Acid Flush

Plumbing professionals at W.J. McNabb Plumbing LLC can troubleshoot your plumbing problems, including why your water tastes or smells funny. We have all the modern equipment and tools to make our work quicker and more accurate, which in turn will help save you time and money during our services.

Go with the professional plumbers in Coraopolis for all your plumbing needs and you’ll have plumbing services that are affordable and professional, all done with expertise and first rate customer service! Be sure to check out our “Specials” area of our website from time to time for discounts or coupons as well!


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