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Pittsburgh Tankless Water Heaters - Hot Water On Demand

How would you like to have hot water just right when you need it? Pittsburgh tankless water heaters have been around for quite some time and have been generally well received by many homes and businesses in the world. Compared to the traditional water heaters, tankless ones are preferred by many people since they do not produce any standby energy that may eventually cost a lot of money.

Functioning without the use of any storage tanks, Pittsburgh tankless water heaters can still produce hot water by heating the cold water that flows through the pipe with electricity or a gas burner. With this, you have constant supply of hot water without waiting for the storage tank to fill itself up. These tankless heaters can produce up to five gallons (15.2 liters) of hot water per minute. In bigger households, the smaller heaters cannot accommodate multiple uses at the same time. For example, if there are times that the shower and the dishwasher both need hot water simultaneously, you will need another pair or more or a “whole house” tankless water heater. Some other things might also have a demand for hot water such as your outdoor sink, pool shower, remote showers or bathrooms and hot tubs.

If your home uses a lot of hot water, Pittsburgh tankless water heaters can help you save more energy by up to 50%. They also come in different two different fuel types – gas powered and electric water heaters. For electric water heaters, you must first check your voltage, circuit breaker and amperage in order to have it installed properly. A qualified electrician can help you do this. For gas-fired water heaters, take note of the gas type line and ventilation that are required to support them. Gas-powered tankless water heaters may still need to be plugged on to your electrical connection every now and then.

If you decide to purchase a tankless water heater for your home, you must take into account which areas you would like to have hot water with because each of these fixtures will require different water demands. The standard flow rates for each fixture vary. For example, your lavatory has a typical flow rate of 0.5 gallons per minute while your dishwasher is between 1 to 3 gpm. Therefore, installing the tankless water heaters will require the help of a professional Pittsburgh plumber in order to determine which one will fit each area.

Plumbers that install tankless water heaters can be found almost everywhere, but before selecting a contractor, you may request cost estimates and check whether they will be able to secure a local permit for you. This will make sure that you are following your local installation codes.

Pittsburgh tankless water heaters can last up to 20 years and since most of their parts are replaceable, it is possible that they can also last even longer than that. It is also important to keep the water heaters well-maintained in order to minimize energy efficiency losses. A manual is usually provided with your purchase that will guide you in maintaining your water heaters.

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