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How to Destroy Your Garbage Disposal

Let’s face it, if there was an agency for garbage disposals that was equal to child and family services, most of our disposals would be hauled away within the first week. When operated or maintained improperly, a garbage disposal can easily quit working, block and clog the drains and cause a laundry list of expensive plumbing and drain nightmares.

Clogged drains are a major hassle and garbage disposal repair can be expensive. Subsequently, most garbage disposal troubles are completely preventable, and garbage disposal care and maintenance is extremely effortless. Treat your garbage disposal well, and it will treat you well, in return. Below, we provide a comprehensive list of ways to destroy your garbage disposal. Avoid these at all costs and watch your disposal live forever (or at least a mighty long time).

  • Grind glass, plastic, metal or paper. This will destroy your disposal faster than just about anything else. 
  • Grind anything combustible. By all means blow it up!
  • Grind cigarette butts. After all, ash trays don’t exist.
  • Pour grease, into the garbage disposal. This will build up and lubricate your blades rendering them weak and useless. Hooray!
  • Use hot water and give your food materials more flexibility making your blades ineffective.
  • This one is for adrenaline addicts. Grind extremely fibrous material like corn husks, celery stalks, onion skins, and artichokes.  Fibers from these will tangle and jam the garbage disposal motor and block drains. This is also extremely difficult to clean out. By all means, go ahead!
  • Turn off the motor or water before grinding is completed. Don’t allow it to finish the job. Why would you want to do that?
  • Cram as many potato peels down the garbage disposal as possible. Watch them turn into a thick, sticky paste goo that jams up your disposal.
  • Cram all kinds of food down the drain as much and as fast as you can. Don’t let the disposal come up for air. Drown it! Drown it!
  • For the ultimate experience, take an entire pot of cooked noodles, shove them into the disposal with hot water and watch the fun begin as your disposal sounds like a child choking on a lollipop.
  • Bones. Large thick heavy bones. Gigantic, hard, nearly indestructible bones.
  • Coffee grains are great at eliminating odors – and clogging drains.
  • If you want your garbage disposal and your drain to die a slow death – as with cancer – then use the harshest de-clogging chemicals known to man. There’s nothing better than a slowly deteriorating blade or a drain pipe.

There are probably several other things you can do to your drain to take away its happiness and give it a short life, but these are the most notable. If you are an intelligent homeowner, however - and we at W.J. McNabb in Pittsburgh, believe that you are - then avoid these disposal killers at all costs. Use common sense when putting food down the drain. Prolong the life of your disposal!

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