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Smart Tips for Preventing Clogged Drains

One of the worst things that can happen in your home is getting stuck with clogged drains. The only thing that’s worse is if it occurs at a time when you happen to have a house full of people like for a holiday party. Even worse is what if those holiday guests are staying for a few days?

The best way to deal with drains that are clogged is to call in an expert plumber to handle the situation. Using products you buy from your local home improvements store is often only a temporary fix, if it works at all. Not to mention it can cause a great deal of damage to your pipes and plumbing.

Stop Clogged Drains in Their Tracks

Of course the number one solution is to simply avoid having drains that are clogged. As you prepare big holiday meals or bake for your local holiday bake sale keep an eye on what you are doing. If you can avoid clogs then you never have to worry about getting your drains unclogged.

  • Use a strainer – Strain grease from your foods to prevent clogged arteries – but collecting these grease means it won’t go down your drain. Obviously collect the grease from the pan but also dump off grease blotted off your food with paper towels and throw these out instead of letting it collect on a plate and get washed down the drain.
  • Make good decisions - As a rule always keep an eye on what goes down your drain. Anything that could be better suited for the trash should go there. The same goes for the garbage disposal. Just because it can go in the trash disposal doesn’t mean it has to. The less stress you put on your plumbing the better it will perform.
  • Flush it out – Every month or so pour ¼ cup of baking soda down the drain. After 30 minutes follow this up with a pot of boiling water. This can help prevent clogged drains and eliminate or reduce odor.

The Name to Trust

When it comes to hiring pros to get the job done the name to call is W.J. McNabb Plumbing LLC. With well over 30 years of experience our crew knows what it takes to fix any type of plumbing related issue. Our commitment to offering the best in quality products, customer care, workmanship and pricing is part of what makes us number one in the Pittsburgh and surrounding areas.

Contact us today so we can help you resolve your clogged drains and other plumbing repairs before the holiday festivities begin.

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