Sewer line repairs aren’t something most homeowners want to think about a lot of the time, as they aren’t a particularly pleasant thing to think about. Regardless, your sewer line is an extremely important feature on your property, and then it isn’t functioning like it should, it could result in serious issues for your home. Your sewer line is buried on your property and allows wastewater to flow into the sewer main or septic tank in your yard. Because of this, traditional sewer line repairs can be quite difficult, requiring large trenches to be dug into your yard to access the damaged area. Fortunately, there is an alternative that is being offered these days, and it exists in the form of trenchless repair technologies. With trenchless technology, one or two holes are dug into your yard in order to provide an access point for the equipment that is then inserted into the pipes. There are actually a number of wonderful benefits to having this form of repair performed on your sewer line as opposed to the more traditional methods, making the process much more painless.

Save Your Lawn

Traditional sewer line repairs require a plumber to dig up the entire front yard or driveway at times in order to access the pipe that is need of repair. With trenchless technology, however, plumbing professionals are able to access, repair, and even replace the damaged sewer line without causing the extensive damage to your lawn that would normally be involved in more traditional repair methods. Nobody wants their front yard ruined just because they had a pipe burst, and with new trenchless repair technology, it never has to be.

Shorter Repair Time Frame

With trenchless repair technology, there is no need to the extra excavation equipment that is usually required for more traditional methods, which translates to less time you have to spend waiting for that equipment to arrive so the job can begin. In addition, it takes time to move all of that dirt in and out of the job site, and you will oftentimes wind up waiting for a different contractor to come out and restore your landscaping, walkways, and other areas of your yard that have sustained damage during the process of repairing your sewer line. All of those various different service all add up to more time you are going to have to wait for your project to be completed, and more money as you are oftentimes going to have to pay for these additional services.


In most cases, the new pipe that is installed during a trenchless sewer repair is of a higher quality and will not be as susceptible to the same problems as your old pipe. The pipes that are installed during these trenchless sewer repair services generally don’t have the same problems with seams and failing joints like they do in traditional plumbing lines. Having plumbing lines with a higher durability rating generally means that you won’t have to face this problem again anytime in the near future.


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